Fund Drive

Thank you for improving the quality of life in Wilson and Wilson County in through your support of the Arts Council of Wilson! Because you understand the importance of the cultural arts we provide for adults and children alike, consider a gift and pledge of support. Community generated funds provide support for all performances, exhibitions and classes presented by the Arts Council of Wilson. Remember, your tax-deductible donation keeps the arts alive in Wilson County.


We need your support!

You are cordially invited to become a part of one of the finest organizations in Wilson and Wilson County! While the generous donations given by our contributors provide those much desired tax deductions, what they really do is help us to work passionately and with all our hearts to provide wonderful experiences in the cultural arts for all people of all ages, every shade of the rainbow and every age and ability.

The Wilson Arts Center was generously given to the City of Wilson in the mid 1980’s, and was renovated to house The Arts Council of Wilson, Inc. As we have grown, with your support and encouragement, we now manage four galleries, several workshops, and the Edna Boykin Cultural Center, all of which are here for the delights of entertainment, education, and creativity.

Just a few of the programs your contribution will support are:

In Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Academy
The Visual Arts Series of at least six gallery shows a year
The Lowe Celebration Hall for the Wilson Active Artists
The Cooke Student Gallery for the children and youth of Wilson and Wilson County
Workshops in the Visual Arts for all ages

In Performing Arts

The ACT! for Youth Program for the dramatic arts
The Boykin Series of professional concerts and performances for all ages, spaces for The Playhouse of Wilson, Visions Community Theatre Group and other community performances and rehearsal spaces and workshops in the Performing Arts

In the Community

The Grassroots Grants Program for the City and County of Wilson
The no-fee galleries for you to visit Tuesday through Saturday
Outreach workshops in neighborhoods, both in Wilson and in Wilson County
publicity and publications for all of our events so you are informed!

We also provide the facilities and staff to keep our galleries lit and our spotlights glowing for all of our visual and performing artists!

Our goal for 2017 is 800 contributors and $200,000. For an easy math lesson, if 800 people gave $250 each, we would have $200,000! We know that many of you contribute more than $250 because of your belief in our mission and your generosity. We also know that many of you with lesser means still contribute $50 or $100 because you believe in the cultural arts in our community. We appreciate every one of you.

Please look at the levels below and see if you can help us meet our goal of 800 contributors - or exceed our goal! Thank you so much for making the Arts Council of Wilson one of those important and worthy charities that have earned your generous care and support.

Fund Drive Levels have changed for 2017; please review them carefully.

Individual Soloist $35 to $59
Family Ensemble $60 to $124
Support Producers $125 to $274

Renaissance Society

Michelangelo Donor $275 to $499
Raphael Sustainer $500 to $999
da Vinci Benefactor $1000 and up

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