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The Arts Council offers a variety of visual arts classes for both adults and children, presented by staff as well as talented local and regional artists. Contact the Arts Council for details.





“Night Time Blitz” with artist, Christopher Woodard

April 11, 7-9 p.m.

Even if you've never picked up a paint brush, you will be able to create your very own work of art in this class! Led by one of our local artists, Paint and Pour classes are perfect for date night, girl's night out or the chance to get away for an evening of creativity. Your $35 class fee includes all materials. The only thing you need to bring is a snack and beverage of your choice. Register by calling 252-291-4329 or come by the Arts Council of Wilson. Class size is limited to 15 students.

Plein Air in the Garden with Brenda Behr

Saturday, May 20
In the garden of Margaret McRae
211 Raleigh Road W, Wilson, NC
Cost: $100.00 per student, minimum of 6, maximum of 12

“Every good garden starts with a plan. So does every good painting. A good plan is a good design.”

Before becoming a full time fine artist, Brenda Behr spent thirty-three years designing ads, brochures, logos, and identity systems for various clients in the Midwest. For the past fourteen years, she has incorporated what she knows about design into the composition of her paintings. In this workshop she will be stressing the importance played in the design of a painting by simplification and the placement of a focal point.

Materials (Brenda’s preferences)

Artists who already have an easel, palette and materials for painting en plein air in oils or Golden Open Acrylics* are encouraged to bring what they have. The list below is compiled for those new to plein air oil painting. Please feel free to contact Brenda with any questions:
View finder View Catcher® available on the web at
Oils or a warm and a cool blue
Golden Open Acrylics: a warm and a cool yellow, a warm and a cool red, Permanent rose, Titanium white
An assortment of bristle brushes
Solvent (odorless only, Gamsol preferred)
Easel that will work outside
Palette Glass, wood or disposable paper
Brushes an assortment of flats and brights
9 x 12" panel Senso Clear Primed Linen All Media Panels 3 Pack you will have enough to divide and share
available on the web at
Non-breakable container for solvent
VIVA® paper towels
Plastic bag for trash


Medium Grumbacher Oil Painting Medium II
* Regular acrylics are too fast drying for plein air painting, so stick specifically to Golden Open Acrylics.

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